Understanding Companies : Share Market Training

Understanding Companies :  Share Market Training

Dravid and Shewag are both great,but are two very different players.Their statistics(in terms of strike rate and so on and their style(defensive and aggressive) is different. If one asks - who would perform better ? Then a deeper analysis of the picth,game type and the opposition team's bowling strengths may help us answer the question, although only with  probability and not with certainty.

Just as in the case of players' statistics and style,companies in the same industrymay vary significantly in their approach towards business.based on their styles, product configuration,business model,customers segment,their financials could also vary dramatically, Accordingly , companies are also studeid by analysts in tow dimenstions - Qualitatively and Quantitatively.

Qualitative understanding is more about understanding why a particular business is better when compared to its peers,what are the strenghts and  weakness of the business model. How qualified and capable the management is and so on.

Quantitative understanding would be more mathematical in nature.In this , Analyst try to understand the balace sheet and profit and loss statements of the last few years,cash flows, asset and liabilities and So on.